First Saturdays with the Monks

December 27, 2010

First Saturday’s Evenings with the Monks at St. Anselm’s Abbey
2011 Series, Part 1

Challenges from the Rule of St. Benedict

          February 5th: Stability

          March 5th: Obedience

          April 2nd: Discipline of Prayer

          May 7th: Humility

          June 4th: Silence

A six months’ series of First Saturdays’ Evenings with the Monks will be offered for Catholic men discerning a vocation starting in January. Participants are will be invited to come at 4:30 pm for a conference on a challenging theme from the Rule of St. Benedict. For any questions, inquire at the contact below. Those attending who have the time may stay for communal prayer, supper, and activities that follow, ending about 8:30 pm. To stay for supper, make reservation at least three days before the Saturday event.

contact: Fr. Christopher Wyvill, OSB Vocation Director
phone: (202) 269 2335