February 3, 2022

On this evening of the memorials of St. Ansgar and St. Blaise, Father Abbot James Wiseman clothed postulant Br. Phillip Morales as a novice. He was given the religious name of Cyprian (3rd c. martyr of Carthage). The ceremony was attended by his sister and brother-in-law and several friends of the Abbey. Br. Cyprian came to us after living for some years with his family in various parts of the country including Hawaii and working at different jobs. While here he has been helpful at various jobs in the house and outside. He will begin his new program of studies and work under the direction of Novice Master, Fr. Samuel Springuel. The novitiate will be a time of learning the Rule and the history of monasticism and especially our English Congregation tradition. We pray that he will persevere in this vocation with support from all the brothers.